To stay competitive in the market, continuously utilizing new technologies and manufacturing techniques is a necessity. 

That’s why we only use machining equipment with the highest precision:

Our machinery consists principally of:

  • CNC processing centers  Mori Seiki
  • CNC milling   Mori Seiki
  • CNC turning  Mori Seiki
  • CNC grinding  Kellenberger
  • Conventional turning and milling machines
  • As well as conventional grinding machines
  • Micro blasting, polishing and cleaning systems

Material: We process “metals”, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and diverse alloys, copper, brass, etc., as well as plastics of various specifications. We’ll gladly advise you on different processes and materials to optimally refine and temper your product as well as how best to protect it against the demands to come and therewith ensure a long lifespan. Coating or tempering of all kinds, whether anodizing, galvanizing or special hardening processes is performed by our professional partners.